All Journeys Start With…

It’s funny how the simplest of things (like publishing a page with WordPress) can be awkwardly emotional. I’ve had countless versions of the same thing throughout my life; diaries, journals, blogs and the like. What follows is my attempt to get back into the flow of having and updating a journal. This is some placeholder content and testing/deploying various functions of WordPress as I get used to it over the next week or two.

Life is just a journey. — Diana, Princess of Wales

Jake the Jetta does the Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon & Emigrant Trails Wilderness Area

Why This, Why Now?

Idle hands are the internet’s plaything, right? I think I’m paraphrasing but that’s close enough to what’s happening here. These last several months I’ve spent a great deal of time alone. I live in Reno, NV in an apartment with my Boston Terrier puppy, Addison and a view of the valley below. Scenic or panoramic views have always grabbed my attention; I was fortunate enough to grow up in view of the Pacific. On any given clear sunny day, Catalina was visible and on cloudy days the sunsets defied description. My view of the valley that Reno sits in is very different, but having a view was one of my requirements once I decided to move here.

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