Another year, another set of shifts

Once again, for the tenth year now… I will be at Burning Man. Reports of taking a year off are greatly exaggerated… mostly because I need the fucking money (and yeah, I get paid to be there doing the shift supervisory thing down at the Gate. This year should be exceptionally interesting considering all the changes and fuckery that are inbound to the Gate process. Screening vs. searching, the fourth amendment, and private security mooks. Oh, my!

For the first time since the first time, I’ll be tent camping / living out of my vehicle. I’m trying to come up with my shade and life support shit without support for housing or the like. It’s tempting to fuck it all off and camp with friends in an RV but I think I can do this. It’ll be an interesting inversion, that’s for sure. I doubt I can make the point more clearly that I’m a broke homeless unemployed disabled veteran compared to where I was before than by doing this old school.

Oh, yeah. My RV was stolen early this year. My insurance dropped me instead of actually, you know, paying my claim like they should have. The local PD was not useful in any meaningful way (and to be fair to them, I was storing it in a sketchy arrangement at best but there were many other RVs in the same situation and I didn’t expect mine would be stolen for fuck’s sake!) Still, the loss of the RV means I’ve lost everything that I’d stored in it that was remnants of my memories. My life and the things I cared about in it from before; the last things that I could touch that bore my memories from childhood. Photos. Everything. Gone with the last asset I walked out of my relationship with. The RV I paid for twice; I paid it off, then paid half of its value to my ex.

Yeah. That’s gone. I suppose talking about it in July is a bit late but there’s no schedule to shit like this.

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