We return you to the Coronapocalypse; now in progress.

Oh, hello! I can’t see you there and that’s okay.

Here we are again. Welcome [back] to my virtual Unicorn Tower. Most of what I put here is unfinished. What I post here ranges from partial thoughts to therapeutic musings, self-reflections or whatever else I serve up. Last time I had this site up, I was in much more of a documentary headspace and in the process of transcribing my analog journals from 1983 – 2018. It’s been more than a year since I’ve published any blog-length content or much of anything at all. I needed the time; or at the least, I chose the time.

I am ending blog silence and welcoming myself back to these internets with the blather of my palaver. Sorry, but no, really. I’m sorry that we are still in the worst timeline. I thought one of you was responsible for resolving this while I was busy pupating in my Gen X’er cocoon of sweet, solipsistic self-reflection.

Uh, okay… what?

Here’s an indulgent re-introduction. I’m Ira Wing. You’ve found the blog of a Gen X’er. Expect your Reader’s Journey ’round the se parts to be full of the kind of navel-gazing, solipsistic horse shit that Gen X is best known for: Blogs, and novels about our blogs. Oh, and novels about the video games we like; you know, the ones with stories.

*scrolling past your own content*

This and future rambling, poorly edited posts are just the kind of thing that people scroll past. For my part here on the internet, guess what? I scroll past shit that you write too. Despite and because no one ever needed to see those things, some among us need to write these things.

I need to write this.

That is the purest explanation of what Unicorn Tower is for me. You’re welcome to share your thoughts about what I do here but I’m not doing it for you.